Tape, Glue Residue Removal and Removing Old Linings. Old posters often have tape applied to the back or front to hold them together. This tape must be removed in order to bring about the posters conservation and allow it to be Linen Backed. Removing tape usually requires using various chemicals such as Benzene, or Acetone to name but a few. Such chemicals are very toxic and their use must be done in strict laboratory conditions.

All tape or glue resins must be removed in order for the poster to absorb the wheat paste in the Linen Backing process. Some old posters may have been mounted onto board, or old canvas in a non-archival way; removing these old backings is essential to the proper archival care and conservation of a poster. Like with tape/glue removal, taking a poster off an old backing may require the use of very powerful chemicals, again under strict conditions. Some backings are simply too strong to be removed or the poster too weak to survive the process; in most cases we can find a way to do it. It is important that the poster be worth the trouble before spending on such procedures, as it might be more cost effective to simply replace the poster. Many customers do not notice tape on the back of their posters: So be warned that this process is billed at $75/ hour.

Removing Writing from Back. It is essential to remove writing from the back of a poster before Linen Backing it. If this is not done, the writing could cause air bubbles in the Lining, or show thru to the front of the poster after backing it. Removal of writing is sometimes done by skinning the writing off, or occasionally by erasing it. We only charge for writing removal when it is excessive.

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