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At Posterfix, Chris Cloutier and his staff offer 33 years of experience in the conservation Linen Backing and restoration of vintage original posters.

As preservation professionals we understand that your posters are treasures and should be treated as such. 

Posterfix's Linen Backing is the best mounting process for preserving most old posters. It helps repair rips, flatten creases, neutralize acids, and provide a base for more restoration and display. Our List of Services explains the process in more detail, and our Videos show us doing it.

Some very old and abused posters may be impossible to save, on  occasion, since paper is often acidic and old glues used on it may cause further deterioration and loss of strength.  In these cases it is important for us to see the poster inperson and up close to determin, through testing, if it indeed can be preserved. Mr. Cloutier is always ready to consult with you regarding restoring your posters.

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