Paper Fills. Once the poster has been Linen Mounted, we can determine as to whether it needs to have missing paper replaced. Not all poster collectors want this option, but most dealers and archivists do. Once paper is replaced we can recreate missing areas of the image. Using a vast Library of old paper, or new matching acid free paper, we can approximate the posters original paper color, weight and texture. We also use water based archival color to tint the paper, making sure that it matches the original paper color or ink. Another method of filling in holes is to use our own method/mixture of paper-pulp. This is where we create a paper fill by using cellulose and water based glue, which, when dry, conforms to the posters character. Which method to use for your poster depends on the situation, and we advise accordingly. Be sure that your poster is worth the effort. Paper replacement is $75/ hour.

In-Painting and Color Retouching. Replacing missing color is done with water based paint or inks, from either powdered pigment, water color paint, or actual Litho inks. “Color Retouching” is the term we use for filling in color in creases or folds that have been flattened by the Linen Backing process. Once a poster has been backed, the creases, folds, and rips may still be visible due to ink loss. White lines can become apparent when flattening posters which have “folio folds” (machine-folds for distribution). We have 20 years of color retouching experience and match colors perfectly. Doing this to a flattened fold or a mended rip can further reduce the scare left by such defects. This restoration helps bring back the posters value. We use the term “In-painting” when we need to recreate areas of the poster, such as the image or typography. This is our best and most sought-after service. When an area of the poster is missing we can recreate it if we have a good reference of the poster. In the case of missing type, we can also recreate letters which have been damaged by rips or creases or missing paper. When recreating areas of an image we will often employ the use of Water Color Pencils to finely adjust the color to match the original posters color, or to make realistic renderings possible, as in recreating a person’s face in the posters image. We do the best color matching you can get and at a fraction of the time it takes others to do it. Retouching and In-painting are $75/hour.

1. Linen Backing

2. Cleaning, Bleaching & Acids

3. Removing Old Canvas, Tape, Glue & Writing

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