At POSTERFIX, Chris Cloutier and his staff offer Poster Restoration, Archival Linen Backing and Conservation of Vintage Posters. Your vintage posters are important treasures. They represent history. For whatever reasons you prize your posters, they deserve to have conservation treatments to help them last longer and be presentable. Neutralizing the paper acids is one of the benefits of our Linen backing process. Another is that Linen backing seals the rips and flattens the creases, and provides a surface for further restoration. We can provide paper fills, image or letter recreation, bleaching and other varied services.

Some posters may be too far gone to be saved, for example as paper is fragile and can be destroyed by mold and/or acid. Our trained conservation professionals will look at posters in such poor condition to determine if they can be saved or not. In such extreme cases, the posters may be at risk to have treatments done. We would use our judgement in determining whether linen backing, etc is appropriate.

We can offer you Museum Standards in Conservation with 25 years experience. We are located at The Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn, NY. Mr. Cloutier has apprenticed with Russian Art Restorer Tatinana Elisseyeff, and with Lawrence Toth, Phillip Williams, and other distinguished poster restorers and dealers.

All our materials are water soluble and PH neutral. We can offer various ranges of service depending on the poster's age, rarity and value. Linen Backing is the strongest of the backing options and is the most appropriate for larger posters printed on normal light-weight poster paper.

Chris Cloutier is proud to have been restoring Art, Paper and Posters in New York City since 1987. A Graduate of New York University. the School of Visual Arts Chris is a trained artist and conservator who was honored to be a student of Artist Charles J. Andres, David Levine the renown editorial artist, Marshall Arisman and Robert Weaver.

We have extensive experience in Linen backing posters of the following genres:

Vintage Movie Posters, Military and War Propaganda posters, Magic posters, Circus posters, Travel posters, Concert Posters, Rock Posters, Vintage original French posters (as those by Toulouse-Lautrec, Mucha, etc.)

Please read the terms and conditions before purchasing our services by clicking here.

When shipping your posters please be sure to include with them a sheet showing your name shipping address phone and email. Please use FED EX GROUND or UPS as your first choices. USPS gives slower service in the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Ship your posters to:
Posterfix Corp
Brooklyn Navy Yard Bldg 5 Suite 210
63 Flushing Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205

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Posterfix Corp
Brooklyn Navy Yard
Building 5 Suite 210
63 Flushing Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11205

SHIPPING: When shipping your posters consider using FedEx or UPS for the safest direct delivery.

Our phone is still 718-230-4085

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