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Circus Poster Conservation from Chris Cloutier on Vimeo.

Guest collector Chris Berry joins Posterfix and adds insight into his vast collection of circus posters. Over 240 posters from the 1890s thru the 1940s are restored with highlights of the best ones.

Rare Scribner's and Harper's Posters by Edward Penfield, Maxfield Parrish, etc.

I visited Nancy Steinbock Vintage Posters at The Fine Art & Antique Show in New York City. There I watched Morris sell a group of Scribners posters (to the heir of Scribners!). This group of posters were from c. 1900 or so, and included artists such as Edward Penfield, Maxfield Parrish, Louis Rhead, Eugene Grasset, J. C. Leyendecker, Pablo Picasso.

Toulouse-Lautrec's Jane Avril Poster from Chris Cloutier on Vimeo.

This video shows the complete restoration of this poster. Thought to be his best poster design, this lithograph of Jane Avril is from 1893.


Edward Penfield Poster Restoration from Chris Cloutier on Vimeo.

Chris Cloutier demonstrates restoring a poster which was printed in 1896. The artist was Edward Penfield for Stearns Bicycles.

Conserving Maxfield Parrish (9:41)

A cover for Harpar's Bazar: Easter 1895, by Maxfield Parrish. His first illustration commission, being bleached and restored by Chris Cloutier.

Restoring Uncle Sam (9:16)

An original UNCLE SAM Poster by James Montgomery Flagg: I Want You for US Army. Lithograph printed in 1917, being Conservation Linen Backed and restored by Posterfix.

Relining Leonetto Cappiello's Chocolat Klaus from Chris Cloutier on Vimeo.

A supreb example of Cappiello's unique design capabilities; this lithograph is from 1903.

Divan Japonais Complete Restoration (Toulouse-Lautrec) (9:08)

An original poster from 1893, DIVAN JAPONAIS by Toulouse-Lautrec, being conservation treated by Chris Cloutier of Posterfix.

Original posters and their condition (2:47)

Chris Cloutier shows some rare original posters and discusses how to deal with old stains, tape, rips, and folds, and acid. See Forbidden planet 1-sheet, King Kong, Circus posters, Lick Observatory, Strobridge Litho, etc.

A Collection of Magnificent Travel Posters 1920s, 30s 40s (9:38)

Over the shoulder viewing of 43 European Travel Posters. Austria, France, Britain, Italy, Spain, and Greece. All after conservation Linen Backing by Posterfix.

Forbidden Planet Poster, Linen Backed from Chris Cloutier on Vimeo.

An original 1 sheet poster from 1954's FORBIDDEN PLANET. Poster is worth over $10,000. See the complete restoration process here.

Restoring an Andy Warhol Silkscreen from Chris Cloutier on Vimeo.

Original poster designed and printed by Andy Warhol for the Lincoln Center Film Festival of 1967. an area of one/fiufth of the poster had to be recreated.

How It's Made - Poster Restoration

Ferris Wheel Poster from the 1893 World Columbian Exposion, Chicago

This Ferris Wheel poster came to us on old lining, plus glued to cardboard and cracked in several places. Black mold had already weakened the paper preventing us from bleaching the poster. I made the decision to overpaint where needed. The Ferris Wheel was built as an attraction to The Chicago World's Fair, and was meant to compete with the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Restoring an original Coca-Cola Poster from 1936 (The Real Thing)

It's the real thing, this is an original poster from 1936 celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Coca-cola, America's favorite soft drink. Watch us remove the poster from board, clean, acid neutralize and linen back it onto acid-free paper and canvas. Listen to phone questions regarding similar issues in poster restoration. Linen backing is an archival way to preserve old paper and posters. ...And things go better with Coke. Part one of two parts.