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Customers wishing to know pricing variants should contact Mr. Cloutier for an estimate based on size and condition. For posters in very good and stable condition. some basic linen backing pricing is found in the following table. For detailed information on poster sizes, click here.

  Poster Size (in.)




Lobby Card



 Italian Locandina



 Australian Daybill



Jumbo Card






 U.S. Insert



 Italian Photobusta



U.S. Half Sheet






French Petite



German A1



U.S. One Sheet



 UK Quad



 German A0



 Japanese 2-Panel



 Italian 2-Folio



U.S. Two Sheet



 UK Double Quad






 German A00



 French Grande



U.S. Three Sheet



 Italian 4-Folio



U.S. Six Sheet


Other sizes available on request by email. Discounts are available for poster dealers with quantities of 10 or more.

There are other size variations depending on country, as well as
title cards, lobby cards and window cards. We do not mount 6 sheets or larger.
ESTIMATES - Ask us for price quotes to include services you feel are appropriate. Ballpark estimates can be given over email when you describe the size and condition of the poster in detail.
Exact estimates are given when the poster is in hand.
DOWN PAYMENT - Our policy is to ask for 50% down payment with an order.

Shipping Guidelines:

You are encouraged to use one of these three carriers, as we have a good relationship with them:

United States Postal Service (USPS)
United Parcel Service (UPS)
Federal Express (FedEx)

Preparation of Poster for Mailing:

Be sure to pack the poster well, in sturdy corrugated cardboard, flat or rolled in a tube, with adequate filler (i.e. bubble wrap) to prevent the posters from sliding or moving inside package, as that would cause damage to the poster. You can't pack it 'too well'.


  • Brown packing tape (most carriers prefer this)
  • Very sturdy tube or flat cardboard (layered)
  • Bubble wrap or other filler

See photo illustration.

Insure it for the amount you want it covered for if damaged by the shipper.

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