(Stearn Bike Poster ca. 1890s)

This 3 sheet size poster was designed by Edward Penfield for Stern Bicycles. Like the Steinlen Milk Poster, It was Linen Backed in several sections.
In this side tilted view, as the restorer sees it, we can see how much paper fill work there is to be done. The Poster measures 41 x 79 inches and is printed in 3 colors and black. Yellow, yellow-orange, green and black.
The grey tone background is actually a stippling pattern created in the lithograph. We scanned the poster and printed out the same pattern on archival paper. Matching the color was a challenge, after a day of scanning and printing we came up with enough scrap for piece in.
The title Banner across the bottom also needed color-matched paper. Jung Su used water color over archival paper to recreate the missing pieces.
Once all the pieces have been created and matched for color and paper weight and finish, he starts to Sculpt out the shapes of the paper for piecing in.
The edges slowly begin to look like they should as he glues each piece into place. This process took 2 full days. A white border was added too as in the original poster.
The poster comes together as the pieces are put into place.
The banner has its paper fills completed, and now awaits to be blended as a finishing touch.
He burnishes all the creases an and edges so the poster is flat before doing touch up.
This is the bottom banner after 5 hours of touch up.
The signature was damaged but he has restored it, like magic, and it appears complete.
Jung Su stands in front of the finish poster before it is cut down from the screen. In total, 5 days were spent restoring it including Linen Backing.