The Linen Backing and Restoration of a Poster by Mich

The follow photos show the process of Linen Backing a 6 sheet poster by Mich (Michel Liebeaux 1881-1923) advertising a boxing match between Sam Mac Vea and J. Johnson. Ca. 1910. The poster measured over 80 x 80 inches and needed to be backed on a Giant stretcher screen. The screen itself measures 110 x 120 inches and requires 3 people to control it. Rolling out the poster also required a special bridge to be built allowing the backer to get close to the center of the poster. Total time to Linen Back with 3 people: 8 hours.

After two days the poster and backing were dry and two men proceeded with the restoration of the poster. It required cleaning, removing surface dirt and oil, laying in paper fills in areas where paer was missing and finally retouching the poster. Total time to restore: 2 days. Total Cost for this job to Client: $1300.