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Pfix is pre-mixed methyl cellulose: a non-staining archival glue for use in paper craft or restoration. It is a favorite of book binders and for repair of old books. Print and poster restorers use it worldwide.

Pfix glue thins with cold water, dries to a thin membrane, and creates a non yellowing bond. It can be used as a drying retarder for PVA Glue and mixes well with it. It also has many other applications. Pfix has an added acid buffer to enhance the glue’s archival appeal. Chris Cloutier of Posterfix has been using it for 20 years as the standard adhesive for paper replacement and rip repair of old posters.

Pfix will have a very long shelf life but should be kept covered when not in use. For use with a brush of your choice- depending on its application. If spreading over a large area, be sure to let the paper absorb the glue - then reapply to be sure of no dry spots. Once the papers are joined - push out any air bubbles that may occur for best results.

Our methyl cellulose is so popular that we are offering it in larger sizes, as well as the original blue-bottle 8 oz size.

PFIX Methlyl Cellulose 8 oz - 14.2 milliliters $14.90 USD
PFIX 32 oz - 0.95 liters $49.00 USD
PFIX 64 oz - 1.9 liters $89.00 USD
PFIX 128 oz - 3.79 liters $175.00 USD